Purpose-driven portfolio management



We’re passionate about helping others achieve their greatest positive potential.  The leaders and companies in our portfolio are able to elevate their performance via access to capital for development and acquisitions, new distribution channels, back-end resources and systems, and connection to a network of other like-minded leaders, all while retaining their independence and freedom to operate.


Current portfolio companies are engaged in purposeful, enduring industries such as healthcare services and professional development, including:

  • Advancing careers in healthcare through professional training, certifications and resources

  • Certifying technologies and enabling health ecosystems via B2B assessments, certifications and consulting

  • Simplifying healthcare through compliance, auditing and analytic software and services

  • Connecting healthcare experts and work opportunities through an advanced service platform

  • Providing high quality content, updates, and software to revenue cycle management professionals


We are aggressively pursuing relationships with additional purpose-driven companies.  If you’re passionate about elevating the impact and performance of your business and making a difference, we look forward to discussing ways in which we can help you reach your goals.

 "We’re grateful to work with exceptional companies whose missions elevate individuals, organizations and industries." 

Jason VandenAkker


  • Profile: DELIBERATE. We invest in mission-driven, high growth, profitable businesses.  Period.  EBITDA between $2M and $20M is ideal, but company size is not an issue.  Fit is.

  • Focus: ENDURING. We like purposeful, non-cyclical industries with longevity, such as healthcare and professional development. We concentrate on business models that deliver consistent value and recurring revenues, like certification and compliance.

  • Location: GLOBAL. We are an international team with a local approach.  We invest and operate without borders to build and grow without limits.

  • Structure: FLEXIBLE. We are open to and have closed deals of nearly all constructs.  We typically take majority positions and back strong teams who retain a material ownership stake, which enables participation in future value creation.

  • Timeframe: LIFELONG. We seek partners for the long haul.  Truly.  We have never sold a business and do not intend to.  We believe our unconventional long-term approach fosters a unique alignment of interests.




Several of our portfolio companies include:

health career advancement

healthcare compliance


B2B testing and EHR certification

healthcare staffing


Barry Johnson


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Business Development

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Our companies and team members shares a common set of values.



Self-start and stay highly motivated to achieve aggressive goals. Share contagious energy and enthusiasm liberally. Maintain an insatiable appetite for progress and excellence.


Learn, adapt, and improve relentlessly.  Seek feedback without insecurity. Implement coaching. Recognize others' contributions gratefully. Approach work and relationships with an abundance mentality.


Be trustworthy, truthful, and transparent in all aspects of work. Keep commitments to external and internal parties. Hold self strictly accountable.


Appreciate the benefits of diversity and never discriminate. Remain open to new ideas. Place customers' and team members' interests ahead of own interests.


Roll up sleeves and do real work. See opportunity and pursue full potential. Work quickly, intelligently, and flexibly. Dream big and find ways to accomplish the impossible.


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